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Albondigas Soup

It’s true. I was just going on about light and delicate spring soups. And here I am, less than a week later, telling you about meatball soup. My apologies.


But you see, here’s what April 1st brought us. No fooling. Suddenly Albondigas soup sounded just perfect.  Continue Reading →

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Salted Honey Caramels

There was a bag of these delicious caramels in my stocking last Christmas. I unwrapped one right away, obviously, and took a bite: butter, honey, salt. Heaven. And I knew that Beth had made them. You know Beth, of The Perfect Granola?


I had to have the recipe.

Funny thing, it turned out to be mine, from these caramel apples. Flattered, yes, but there’s this one thing. She made them with the honey from her own bee hive.


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Spring Leek Soup with Gruyere Toasts

It’s curious but true that my food cravings follow the seasons. In the fall and winter, my hunger drifts to the deep, rich flavors of braised meats, roasted root vegetables, and long simmered soups and sauces. But when the crocus and daffodil show their pretty faces, it’s light, delicate flavors that I want.

Spring-Leek-Soup-with-Gruyere-ToastsIt was two years ago that I scratched down ‘Spring Onion Soup with Gruyere’ in my recipe idea notebook. The thought to make it with leeks instead of onions finally moved me to act. Soft, buttery leeks, a delicate broth, tangy-sweet Meyer lemon, crispy toasts and melted Gruyere – who could resist? It makes me wonder what other little gems are sitting there, scrawled on a page, waiting. Continue Reading →

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