Campari Spritz

You may have joined Keith and I virtually as we blogged about our trip to Italy. (Or read the Italy travel guide that we wrote.) It was 9 weeks, 65 days to be exact, and we brought home a heart full of memories – of people, of places, of food, of wine.

The wine, of course, was a highlight of the trip. But the Campari Spritz was an unexpected discovery – one that we enjoyed often and one that will always remind me of Italy.


We arrived in Italy at the end of September with our suitcases full of clothes for autumn: sweaters, pants, light jackets. Things that we would not touch for the first 6 weeks of our trip because the cool weather decided not to come. Nearly every day, we would sit at a little cafe outside or tuck into a bar to enjoy a small sandwich and a spritz. After the morning’s myriad of marvels and miles of footsteps, it was utter bliss….

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