Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

This isn’t just any peanut butter sandwich cookie; it was Nora Ephron’s favorite. The Norah Ephron – writer of Sleepless In Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. The story goes that while visiting Seattle, Nora stopped in to the Dahlia Bakery and bought a few of these cookies. Then she sent Tom Douglas an e-mail to say that they were her all-time favorite cookies and could she have the recipe. He sent the recipe along with a big package of cookies and later asked if they could name the cookies after her in the Dahlia Bakery cookbook. I love her response:

Are you kidding me? This may be the greatest cookie ever ever ever.


I have to agree, not just about this cookie, but about every cookie (or sandwich, or soup, or pie) I’ve tried at the bakery. Now I can say the same about everything I’ve made from the cookbook. The recipes are no-fail and, really, are nothing short of heavenly.

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