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Brussels sprouts may be much maligned, but they’re magnificent. I’ll prove it to you with these 12 Brussels Sprouts recipes where these tiny green cruciferous gems are in the limelight.

Brussels Sprouts recipes with Corned Beef:

Leftover corned beef? No better way to use it than in this Oven Roasted Corned Beef Hash with Brussels Sprouts

Corned Beef Potato And Brussels Sprout Hash

Or maybe you’re more of a gratin person, then this Corned Beef Potato Gratin with Brussels Sprouts from Kevin is for you: 


Recipes with raw or semi-raw Brussels sprouts

This Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad is a favorite in our house.


Or this spectacular looking Thai Brussels Sprouts Salad from Maggie:


Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipes

And why stop at roasting when you can glaze them with balsamic vinegar and add dates and pecans as Mila did in these Balsamic Glazed Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts.


Or maybe you’d like to caramelize them and add dark cherry sauce and hazelnuts as Faith did.


You can also make a roasted version of a favorite, familiar salad like this Roasted Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad.


Brussels Sprouts recipes with Bacon

Like Lorraine’s Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Cider,

or another favorite hash in our house, this Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Hash with Bacon which is best topped with a sunny side up fried egg!


Brussels Sprouts Coleslaw and Sauerkraut!

Helen’s Brussels Sprouts Greek Yogurt Coleslaw looks delicious, don’t you think?

And last but not least, a delicious and super-easy Brussels sprouts sauerkraut.


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  1. KevinIsCooking says:

    So much goodness on one page! Shredded, roasted, steamed, you name it, brussels sprouts are wonderful. I love them in salads, both warm or cold. They are so versatile as are all of these recipes. Thanks for including one of mine here with all of these other delicious examples. Have a great weekend!

    1. Marissa says:

      Me too, Kevin! And that gratin of yours looks absolutely incredible.

  2. Faith (An Edible Mosaic) says:

    Yes to all of these ideas!!! I love sprouts – I actually have a huge bag of them in my fridge and I’ve been thinking about a new way of making them instead of my go-to roasting method, so your timing is perfect for me. That corned beef hash is calling my name! And thanks so much for including me! xoxo

    1. Marissa says:

      That’s awesome, Faith! I hope you try it…I must try yours. Oregon is known for hazelnuts and who can resist cherries? Such a delicious combo.

  3. The Hungry Mum says:

    funny how old opinions can change as soon as you have a dish prepared in a new, enticing way. This for me is the same as cauli – used to hate it, now I adore it. Hello roasted whole cauli 😉

    1. Marissa says:

      So true…and hooray for whole roasted cauli!

  4. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    Oh thank you so much lovely Marissa for including my recipe! Do you mind if I share this on my facebook page? 😀

    1. Marissa says:

      I love the idea of bacon and cider with Brussels sprouts – looks so good. And yes, thank you so much!

  5. Maggie | Omnivore's Cookbook says:

    LOVE brussels sprouts! I don’t understand why some people hates them. I think the only reason is they didn’t cook them right. lol
    Thanks so much for featuring my recipe Marissa! I’m honored to be featured with these amazing bloggers 🙂

    1. Marissa says:

      Your Thai salad is a must-try, Maggie. Definitely my kind of fusion food.