Chorizo Chili

Take care when choosing your chorizo as it will be the primary flavor in this chili. 
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Keyword Cinco de Mayo, comfort food, easy
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings 8 people


  • 6 poblano peppers
  • 1 pound ground Mexican chorizo sausage uncooked
  • 3 cups cooked pinto beans or 2 15-ounce cans drained
  • fresh corn kernels from 2 ears of corn or 1 cup frozen sweet corn
  • 2 15-ounce cans diced tomatoes with juice
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • shredded Monterey Jack cheese
  • sour cream
  • diced avocado
  • diced fresh tomato
  • chopped fresh cilantro


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees °F.
  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Arrange the whole poblano peppers in a single layer.
  • Roast peppers until skin is dark and crinkled, 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and let cool for 15 minutes. Remove the tops, skin and seeds. Coarsely chop.
  • In the meantime, heat a soup pot over medium heat. Add chorizo, using a spoon to break it up; cook and stir until lightly browned.
  • Stir in pinto beans, corn, tomatoes with juice, chili powder and paprika. Stir and bring to boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 15 to 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Serve crowned with your favorite toppings.


It's even better the next day!